Our Mission

A Guerrilla’s Approach is the ability to do more with less. Lacking resources, but through an adaptive mindset, determination, and grit, Guerrillas are capable of performing spectacular feats against impossible odds.

American Special Operations Forces are doctrinally trained as America’s Guerrillas and tip of the spear shock troops. Our Training adapts their lessons learned for application among law enforcement and everyday Americans.

Aaron Barruga, Founder

I joined the military because of 9/11 and served in Special Forces (The Green Berets). Deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pacific theater of operations sharpened my skills as both a teacher and a trigger puller. My classes teach students how to shoot for speed while under physical stress. I believe that students learn the most when they are appropriately pushed outside of their comfort zone, and made aware of physical and mental boundaries. I look forward to seeing you on the range.” -Aaron Barruga, Guerrilla Approach, Founder and Lead Instructor

About Our Approach

Our Training Approach:

Our training rewards serious shooters. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, soldier, or situationally aware citizen, our training provides you with proven and relevant material from Special Operations combat veterans.

-No shortcuts, no secret methods, only flawless execution of the fundamentals

-Some range training only prepares shooters to fight at the range

-Learn by doing, not regurgitation

Guerrilla Approach