Contemporary training culture encourages shooters to exert intense effort, but under incredibly narrow measurements of performance. Consequently, extraordinary individuals will rigorously train, only to yield mediocre results. These symptoms are at the core of all tactical organizations in that we are guilty of blindly regurgitating existing doctrine, and performing exercises solely for the purpose of getting good at performing exercises.


Even the best tactical professionals will unintentionally dull down their training. Rather than focussing on form and mechanics, or deconstructing a tactic through critical analysis, we simply check the box and do more repetitions or make a drill “harder.”


This plateaus growth and reinforces a dangerous culture of complacency.


In both our High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics and Functional Marksmanship Movements courses, students are taught to look past institutionalized lowest common denominator training practices.


Physically, this demands a willingness to put in the sweat equity to achieve performance potential. Mentally, it requires a readiness to look past fads and bumper sticker solutions.


I am confident that you will find Guerrilla Approach’s material refreshingly different, yet entirely practical.


Aaron Barruga

Founder, Guerrilla Approach


Whether a felony traffic stop, or a shootout in Syria, we teach you the principles based approach that can be applied to all close quarter fights involving vehicles.


Typically, tactical shooters are in great physical shape, but completely lack basic agility and movement mechanics. We fix this so that you’re faster on target and the trigger.