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Traditional law enforcement tactics around vehicles emphasis one on one engagements such as a felony traffic stop. However, ISIL terror attacks, coordinated gang members, and active shooters have demonstrated the need for law enforcement officers to be familiar with responding to complex attacks in close quarter environments.

High Threat Environment: Vehicle Tactics establishes a baseline for combatting complex attacks with a central focus on reacting to ambushes. Street fighting techniques and classic tactical theory explain how officers navigate the ambiguity of close quarter fights against multiple armed suspects. Material then scales downward to explain how the same tactical principles can be used for engagements of lesser intensity.


Required Equipment:

-Carbine w/ sling

-Pistol w/ holster (optional)

-500 rounds of 5.56

-100 rounds of pistol ammunition (optional)

-4 x 5.56 magazines (min.)

-Magazine pouch or ability to carry three magazines (2 on your body, 1 in the gun)

-Hearing and eye protection

-Lunch & water


Areas Covered:

-Vehicle ballistic demonstration

-Carbine rigging considerations

-Bailout techniques (react to ambush)

-Interior/mobility fighting positions

-Exterior fighting positions (multiple threats)

-Close quarter to midrange shooting techniques